International dance competition

2024 03 16


SHoCK 2023

SHoCK is an international dance competition taking place in the heart of Lithuania-Kėdainiai in one of the most recent and modern venues. Dance groups of different ages and styles will compete in beginners and advanced categories, improving and developing their self-expression, regardless of the chosen dance style and will encourage growth of their stage experience.

When? 2023 March 18 ;

Where? “Kėdainiai ARENA”, J. Basanavičiaus g. 1 a, Kedainiai, Lithuania.

- BABY (iki 6 y);

- KIDS (7 - 9 y).

- CHILDREN (10 - 12 y).

- JUNIORS (13 - 16 y)

- ADULT (17 and older)

- XY ( 28 year and older)

Max 20% of group members can be from elder age category.


- Street dance show

- Street dance

- Show dance

- Vogue

- Dancehall

- High heels

- Pop dance

- Contemporary dance

- Classical dance

- Ballroom / Latino show dance

- Free dance

- Baby dance



Dalyvio mokestis 1 asm. (Nepriklausomai nuo kategorijos)

- One dance per person - 25 Eur;

- Two dances p. p. - 30 Eur;

- Three dances p.p. - 35 Eur.

- Street dance show (gatvės šou šokiai)

The performed dance must match the nature of the dance technique: Hip Hop, Break Dance, Electric Boogie and Techno. The showcase must have a theme or an idea that is clearly visible throughout the whole performance. It is important to maintain harmony between idea, music, dance, choreography, costumes and props. It is allowed to use acrobatic tricks, lifts, decorations and other props in the composition. Solo parts may be performed during the performance, but they should not dominate. The music that can be used is: Hip Hop, Breakbeat, House, New Jack Swing, Funk, Disco, R'n'B can be used. Reggaeton, Dub Step, Electro, Techno, Pop.

- Street dance (gatvės šokiai)

Street dance - must match the dance technique: Hip Hop, Break Dance, House, Locking, Popping, Waacking, Vogue, Krump. Acrobatic tricks, lifts can be used in the composition. Decorations and other props are prohibited. Allowed music is: Hip Hop, Breakbeat, House, New Jack Swing, Funk, Disco, R'n'B and Reggaeton.

- Show dance (šou šokiai)

Show Dance in the broadest sense is based either on any Jazz/Lyrical, Ballet and/or Modern and Contemporary dance technique. Other dance disciplines can also be incorporated but cannot dominate. Ballroom, Latin or Rock ’n’ Roll are excluded and cannot be performed. Show Dance allows the use of lifts, acrobatics, props, lip-sync and other theatrical effects. Performance always has to have a guideline, story or visible concept. The concept, story, theme or idea must be fully understandable and will be expressed by means of dance movements that adhere to the piece being presented, along with being creative, imaginative and original. The piece must have Show Value.

- Vogue (vogue šokiai)

Forms of Vogue Dance Style: Old Way - the main elements of the movement - catwalk, duckwalk, pop, spin and dip, this style is characterized by grandeur and graceful emotion. The music is 70's funky house. New Way - everything related to lines, angular and flexible movement, creating illusions. The music is 80's Electronic/ Acid house/techno.Vogue Fem - the female way of moving in performing the main elements - catwalk, duckwalk, spins and dips, floor performance, hands performance, hairs. The music is electronic, fast, a remix of popular songs with a "crash" sound added every fourth/eighth/sixteenth and the MC/commentator's rhyming chant.

- Dancehall (dancehall šokiai)

In the dancehall style category, the dance composition must be based on dancehall basics and movement - old school, middle school, new school, smooth - tenderness, emotion, female - femininity, strength, gunsteps - energy, aggression. Various acrobatic tricks, inventories, etc. 70% of Jamaican music must be used.

- High heels (High heels šokiai)


- Pop dance (populiarūs šokiai)

Pop dance is a mixture of countless styles and directions. Pop Dance incorporates a variety of dance styles associated with stage and performance. It is a synthesis of the most fashionable dance styles.In this category dance composition can be without a theme or an idea. Various lifts, acrobatic stunts, decorations and so on can be used in this choreographic composition. The most popular pop music songs, which are constantly broadcast on radio and television, are being used for these performances.

- Contemporary dance (šiuolaikiniai šokiai)

Contemporary dance is a more relaxed, free style of dance in which choreographers use emotions and moods to design their own steps, in contrast to ballet’s structured code of steps. This style can use existing dance basics or completely new, experimental and original modern dance concepts. The entire routine must consist of contemporary dance techniques, current trends and should correspond with age divisions and the movement skills of the dancers. In contemporary dance, lifts and acrobatic elements can be used, but they cannot dominate. Decorations cannot be used. Other contemporary styles such as hip-hop, disco and breakdance may be included, but should not dominate. The main point of assessment for this discipline is the level, theme and plot of the dance movements performed. Story-making is possible, but not as emphasized as in show dancing.

- Classical dance (klasikiniai šokiai)

Classical dance is formal and follows traditional dance techniques. Leg curls and high extensions: graceful, precise movements. This discipline must be performed using the technique and style of classical ballet and can be performed with pointe. Although the choreography may be contemporary in nature, it cannot deviate from what is commonly referred to as classical ballet. Lyrical, modern and modern jazz compositions cannot be performed in this discipline.Lifts are allowed (and encouraged) as stated in regulations by the general performing arts. All used lifts must remain in the tradition of classical ballet. However, all dances are constantly evolving and growing, so experimental and original choreography is encouraged.

- Ballroom / Latino show dance (pramoginiai - latino šou šokiai)

Ballroom/ Latino show dance - their counterpoint is sports dances. This dance style is dominated by LA or ST dances, which can be mixed with the pop dance style, but not accentuated by it. In the Ballroom/ Latino Show dance category everyone who dances salsa, bachata, kizomba or other blood-warming dances is also welcome. In the choreographic composition you can dance alone or in pairs, use various lifts, acrobatic tricks, etc.

- Free dance (laisvi šokiai)

The free dance category is open to all other dance styles, genres and techniques that do not fit the SHoCK competition's description of other styles. It can be such dances as Flamenco, Tango, Rock'n'Roll, Boogie Woogie, Twist, Tap Dance, Folk Dance, Lyrical, Fantasy. Various genres of music can be used. In the choreographic composition there can be used acrobatic tricks, lifts, decorations and other props.

- Baby dance (vaikų šokiai)

BABY DANCE age groups will not be divided into categories of dance styles. Children can perform choreography of various dance styles. The teacher can dance with the children if necessary. There can be no lifts in the composition.


See the music, hear the dance.

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